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Sept 2021 – Short-term Rental Financials

Here are the short-term rental financials for my short-term rentals this month.

Report Information

The reports for income used in my short-term rental financials are generated in OwnerRez and I manually add the expenses that are not deducted in OwnerRez. So the “Total” income column consists of the “Net Total” column in OwnerRez. The report also uses the “departure date” of the guest and NOT the “arrival”. I do this because some reservations span multiple months. Either way is probably fine as long as you’re consistent in how the numbers are shown.

I do not show ADR or average daily rate because I think it adds no value to these posts. Unless you’re looking at a monthly ADR as compared to another month or year it doesn’t matter because I use dynamic pricing to determine the nightly rate. So every month the ADR will be different, it’s just a fact.


This month we only had two(2) reservations for p1124 with a Net Profit of $2,399.72. Fewer turnovers are good but I have found that the longer a guest is in the property the more deep cleaning is required, especially if you allow pets.


This month we only had five(5) reservations for p1425 with a Net Profit of $1,256.01. In this month there were a lot of turnovers which in turn takes away from the profit. But as long as you’re in the green this shouldn’t be something to worry about.

Total STR Profit

Total STR profit for the month was $3,655.73. All in all, it’s been a really good month.

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