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Q1 – Short-Term Rental / Vacation Rental Financials

Hello everyone, I officially got my 1-year doing short-term rental badge this March. What an experience it’s been. Here’s the breakdown of the operating income and expenses for Q1 of 2022.

short-term rental financials

I can say without a doubt that Mar 2022 has been the best I’ve had so far. And looking back Feb would be the second-highest.

I found out that during the winter months people want to get away from that northern cold weather. I got longer stays and the nightly rates were higher so I got more profit. All three properties were going, expenses were roughly the same month to month. And I actually did less since there was little to no turnover per property in this quarter.

I even got repeat bookings for next year from one of the guests that come to the area every year around the same time. So I am pleased with Q1 results but I don’t expect the Q2 numbers to be as good since the snowbirds will be heading home to get away from the heat and humidity.

The good thing about the location is that there’s demand all year round in the sunshine state. And particularly the hot spots with great beaches and downtown.

I’m working on number 4 now. More to come on that one.

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