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Is your money working harder than you?

It’s fine to work hard for money. For most people, this is where the journey begins. But don’t go into it with the wrong mindset. You should work hard but also work smart. 

Make money then invest it wisely. Be diligent about keeping as much of the money you work hard for and only spend on the necessities. Don’t be tempted to keeping up with the Jone’s. The wealthy get wealth by sacrificing today so that they can have a more promising tomorrow. The mindset of “you only live once” which may encourage you to not care about the future is dangerously ignorant. You should be working towards reaching that point where your money works harder than you!

I make my money work for me by investing in stocks and bonds. I also invest in rental real estate for cash flow. I am now in a place where I have what some call “F” You Money. I have a path laid out for leaving my corporate 9 to 5 next year but if the company was to fire me today it wouldn’t bother me one bit. In fact, it would put a smile on my face. I don’t say this to brag. It’s only to say that making my money work for me over time has proven to produce much more positive results than blowing it on things that bring temporary joy.

So, if you’re determined enough to work hard for your money put it to work so eventually it brings you financial independence.

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