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Is this the best time to quit your job?

With everything going on in the world is this the best time to quit your job? This is obviously a personal decision, and for some a very risky one, but I ask this because millions of people in America are leaving their current place of employment. So much so it’s been dubbed “The Great Resignation”.

There are a few reasons why this is happening, one being the pandemic and its following lockdowns. People got a good taste of either working remotely or working without a job while receiving checks from the government that was in many cases more than what they made at their job. I won’t get into the politics of the lockdowns or the government but the impact of both on the job market can’t be ignored.

There were a good number of people on the fence about leaving their job before the pandemic. Individuals tired of the same hamster wheel who either wanted to outright not work anymore or who simply needed a change because the current job didn’t have that spark anymore. You can lump me into that category.

Being stuck at home working remotely or not at all allowed many to ponder their priorities and way of life. Some found new things that brought greater excitement. Things they probably didn’t want to give up for the alternative of office work and all the things that go along with that like commuting in traffic.

I found out that my schedule is a precious thing that I willingly handed over to someone. A company directory of people that could drop a meeting into any time block they felt, sometimes double and triple booking certain time slots. After getting more time to myself and my family during the pandemic, I wanted more of my time and freedom, even the time between the proverbial 9 to 5.

Another reason people are quitting their job is that there’s a high demand for workers at other companies. So in this environment, you can leave one job for a better higher paying job. And making more money is especially great for those who are saving and investing as part of their journey to financial independence.

Have you recently quit your job? If so, was it to get a better one, simply to retire early, or was it for some other reason?

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